Momedy Hour

first practical jokeMotherhood elevates us to the loftiest heights…

…And sinks us to depths we never imagined. 
I’ve been wanting to host a comedy hour for moms to share their stories since I was schlepping toddlers around like so many sacks of sentient, happy-mouthed, farting potatoes. My friends and I would crack each other up on those life-saving daytime phone calls about our creative uses for diaper wipes, how we were faking our way through entire days, and the things that were coming out of our kids’ mouths.
The stories never stopped, although now that I’ve got a grown man with car keys on a bottle opener and hair spurting out of his face,  I’ve finally gotten my shit together (diaper wipe, anyone?) enough to host a show.
Please join me for the first ever MOMEDY HOUR open mic on the first Friday in May. Bring a friend and a story (5 minutes max) and some cash for the bar.
We’ll meet in the Crystal Lounge on the 5th floor of The Bellevue Club, 525 Bellevue Avenue on Lake Merritt [map]. It’s kind of fancy with a no-jeans-no-flipflops kind of dress code so snazz it up, mamas. (Leave your babies at home and wear your hoop earrings!)
Here’s the Facebook event—say you’re coming! 
Sign up to read/speak/spout your wisdom at the check-in table. We’ll kick off the event at 7:30 with our SPECIAL GUEST Julie Soller, who created and emcees Oakland’s monthly StorySlam event!

Here’s the ticket link — it’s a private event but you can invite your friends—and get $5 off if you use the code “WIPES.”

Featured Guest: Julie Soller!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 6.16.56 PM
Don’t get me started with the kale stories, Julie!!!

Creator, producer and emcee of StorySlam Oakland, Julie Soller has produced live storytelling events every month since 2012, including StorySlam Oakland, Tales in the Tasting Room, Spontaneous Storytelling, and An Unruly StoryFest. She has told her own personal stories in front of live audiences at many different shows and events throughout the Bay Area. She’s a curator for Beast Crawl, the East Bay’s free literary festival. Julie holds an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA’s School of Film, TV & Digital Media. Her stories can be heard on the podcast “Love & Radio” and KCRW’s “Unfictional.” She also organizes storytelling events on Meetup. StorySlam Oakland is dedicated to creating community through the art of true, personal narrative told in front of a live audience.

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