A Happiness "Infusion"

The Infusions are Steve Luntz, Nancy Peterson, Steve Witt, and Maeve Elise Brown, musicians who met at a tea shop and decided to harmonize. They usually sing at Sophie’s Cuppa Tea in Montclair Village, but tonight their fans all gathered for a delicious meal and music in the Crystal Lounge.
The room was full of friends, and a reunion of sorts for old parent pals.

The Bellevue Muse was smiling to see older club members delighted to be in a full house again.

About 15 people toured the club and wondered about ghosts and piano players. The group’s acoustic harmonies ranged from folk to Latin-American to lounge music, plus some original songs by Steve Witt. (A new train song: “Flat Car Willie”!)
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4pavFsgMn0]
Like The Infusions on Facebook and learn more about the artists. Direct booking inquiries to Maeve Elise Brown, melisebrown at yahoo.com.
This picture tells the story of a party in full swing…music playing, cocktails shaking, and dancing breaking out!

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