Memorable Moments

Says Kristen:

“Well that’s a good reason for a party.”

Kristen launched a paper doll book last millennium in a sex/erotica store across the street from her house. Guests all wore one of Emily Egg’s or Sammy Sperm‘s costumes. One visitor, not knowing what they were, turned on all the vibrators on the back shelf…at once.

Her first memoir, Perfectly Revolting (Little Pig, 2010), greeted the world at a “Perfectly Revolting Tea Party” at Mills College. The book is about how a snarky iconoclast found her voice as the campus cartoonist at a school for nice girls…and then gave voice to the historic student revolution as a cartoon journalist. (Revoltingly, the book launched on the same weekend as the Tea Party political movement). Dramatic cartoon readings delighted the assembled guests.

The sequel, The Reason She Left (Little Pig, 2012) came out surreptitiously at three enormous events on the same day, unknowingly celebrated by thousands of people. 

The launch for the paperback version of The Souls of Her Feet (Uplift Press, 2015) was a Shoe Salon featuring a shoe shrine, tunes from the musical, a shoe drive and storytelling about where our shoes take us. The Shoe Salon tradition continues at shoe stores, private parties and corporate events.

This last one was spectacular!

Kristen’s beautiful, hand-crafted, limited-print edition of an erotic/paranormal/spiritual romance “erupted” at a Carnevale-themed costume party. Her narrator read (in a terrible Italian accent) from The Vesuvian Affair (Mystic Editions 2016), a story about an American schoolmarm possessed by a Volcano goddess. Read about it here.

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