"The Women" at The Club


Come luxuriate in a showing of The Women, in *The* Most Appropriate Setting, on Norma Shearer’s Birthday! Friday, August 10, at The Bellevue Club.37355581_2120228151355837_5044878408471805952_n
The original 1939 version of this film is written by the “sharp and shameless” Anita Loos (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), based on a play by the dazzling Clare Booth Luce. A brilliant wit (“No good deed goes unpunished”, “Widowhood is a fringe benefit of marriage”, “A hospital is no place to be sick”), Clare Booth married a millionaire and then divorced him, wormed her way into a job at Vogue and within a few years became managing editor of Vanity Fair, married the publisher of Life magazine (Henry Luce), became a diplomat and then a congresswoman. In between, she was a war journalist and published numerous books, essays and plays, the most enduring of which is her comedy The Women, which was made into a movie staring 139 females and no men except the director, the faaabulous George Cuckor.
The movie centers on a group of women who all belong to a social club—that evokes images of The Bellevue Club as it might have been in the days when the gym was wall-to-wall hairdryers and the Conditioning Salon offered side-by-side beauty treatments. The catty dialogue is rapid-fire and requires multiple viewings to fully comprehend the intricacies of the social drama, which focuses on sex and relationships of both wealthy and struggling women, with jilted Mary Haines (Norma Shearer) and social climber Crystal Allen (Joan Crawford) at the center of the story. The costumes by Adrian are to-die-for.
The Women is a cult classic (for good reason) that is especially beloved by members of the Art Deco Society, which headquarters at The Bellevue Club, and whose members will be appearing in fine fettle and fashion to partake of this ritual viewing. Besides, August 10 is my birthday!
The movie will be shown in the Mural Lounge at 7:30p.m., with no-host cocktails and mocktails beforehand in the Crystal Lounge (the CRYSTAL Lounge, ladies!). Bellevue Club Members can make dinner reservations starting at 5:30.
Join in on the “Fashion Parade” wearing your best interpretation of vintage or modern “Society Style!” And enjoy a demonstration of “The Women Workout” by the Bellevue Club’s own KRS-10 and friends! Post-movie discussions about “cryptofeminism” are optional.
Tickets $12 at the door. Off-street parking is free; non-members can park in the upper lot and follow signs to the lobby. The Crystal Lounge is on the 5th floor, and the Mural Lounge is on the 4th. Please come early to get a good seat!

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