"Being SEEN" with Kellita

Learn the embodiment secrets of the most confident, attuned, radiant artists.
In a world where corporations are people and people are brands, many of us get our self-expression caught in a swirl of self-judgement and doubt.

This 2-hour workshop is for those who are drawn to the idea that creative expression + psychological + spiritual growth can all happen in one embodied place.

KM13_cropped.jpgKellita is a Performing Artist, Coach, Mentor and “Burlesque Therapist.” For over 20 years, she’s performed, designed and curated shows that help women revel in their bodies, reveal their radiant essences, and receive what they desire, from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal, and Paris to Tokyo. Through her Showgirl Awakening programs, Kellita helps kind, smart, soulful, sensitive women who’ve been over-editing, over-managing and over-giving to trust and express themselves with confidence, presence, and personal radiance.

No matter what business or industry you are working in, exploring the art of Being SEEN will help you work with the inner side of visibility.

“I’ve witnessed many blossom right before my eyes when they get it—experientially, not just intellectually—that they can allow themselves to be seen in a way that truly honors who they are, and brings them into clearer connection with themselves and others. This workshop is my best distillation and collection of the practices that support the shift from numb hiding to juicy alive presence + visibility.” — Kellita Maloof, “The Mr. Rogers of Burlesque”

  • What: The Being SEEN Workshop
  • When: Tuesday, February 26, 7-9pm
  • Where: The Bellevue Club Studio
  • How much: $35*

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Kellita has revived and reimagined a host of Old Hollywood showgirl archetypes to be a living barometer for you in assessing how fully you are living in the center of yourself, and therefore able to create what you truly wish to. Meet Kellita and take this fun and revealing quiz before you come, to find your archetype! Bring pen and paper and a water bottle.

Take the Showgirl Archetype Quiz whether you attend or not!

It’s interesting and self-revealing, and she’s writing a book about it!
Learn more about Kellita and her work at showgirlawakening.com.
*scholarships available
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  • Do you find yourself painfully over-editing–yourself or your creations?
  • Do you have so much to share, and inexplicably find yourself not sharing most of it?
  • Do you shy away from taking up time or space when in the presence of others?
  • Do you wish to express more of your true self through your works of arts, or your very being?
  • Do you long to be truly seen?

In this 2-hour workshop you’ll learn the embodiment secrets of the most confident, attuned, radiant, artists.
Being seen—truly seen—can feel more than tolerable, it can feel blissful.
That’s the premise of this workshop.

This workshop could be for you if you…

* are drawn to dance, improv, costume-like-clothing and glitter as well as embodied movement-based practices (e.g. yoga, zumba, improv theater, latin dance, belly dance, cabaret, show dance + burlesque) even if they intimidate you.
* get it that “self-care” is important, but want to do it with more sizzle + vivaciousness than meditation + yoga alone offers.
* chronically over-manage, over-edit & over-give and have a hard time saying ‘no’ to helping people so you feel burned out in their life.
* can’t live without beauty (whether it be enjoying delicious food and drink, a beautifully decorated home, a variety of clothing that suits your aesthetic).
* are drawn to mysticism, oracles, authors, elders and poets like Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Caroline Casey, Ane Axford, Sarah Peyton, Hafiz, Khalil Gibran, and Carl Buchheit.
* have been trying with all your might, mind, body & life-force to make everything OK for everyone & are beginning to realize that that’s a dead end, impossible mission.
* are drawn to the idea that creative expression + psychological + spiritual growth can all happen in one embodied place.
* want your transformation to be both deep and light – you want it to feel fun, even as you face your edges of really feeling what you feel, and allowing yourself to be seen, by yourself and others, as you truly are, and as you truly wish to be seen.

At its heart, this workshop is about exploring the question:

“How can it feel good to be me, in a body, with needs + desires, and so much to express, and still belong in ways that matter to me?”
Too much attention to editing (even by gifted choreographers or adept people pleasers) creates a barrier to being seen.
I believe that whether it’s in a social situation, a performance setting or even intra-personally (meaning you on you!) it’s always most effective to make sure it feels good to YOU, rather than make it “work” for the other person or the audience or even the critic within.
How do you “perform”–in any area of your life–and maintain (or access to begin with, for that matter) your authenticity. Where is the barometer for that? And is it possible to experience that the more authentically you are exposing yourself–in just the ways you are choosing to–the more connection you are setting yourself up to experience with other people with whom you desire connection? I believe it is.

While in circle with like-minded peers, during this workshop you’ll learn:

* How to experience more joy in the creation process using Kellita’s 3 R system: Reveling in your body, Revealing your radiant essence + Receiving what you desire.
* One simple body movement that Kellita would bring to a desert island if she could only bring one, which helps you reset when you feel the inner or outer critic rear their heads during your creation process, or once it’s time to share with your chosen audience. This multi-purpose movement also catalyzes the amplification of your radiant essence, so you become more available to yourself and in service of your creations.
* How the reviving and reimagining of a host of Old Hollywood archetypes can be a living barometer for you in assessing how fully you are living in the center of yourself, and therefore able to create what you truly wish to.

Here’s where you get tickets!

If you have any questions, feel free to email Kellita at hotpinkfeathers@gmail.com — otherwise I hope to see you there.

More about Kellita:

Her achievements include: founding award-winning troupe Hot Pink Feathers, Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2008, 5 x finalist at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and 1st Place in Original World Fusion & Dance Choreography in San Francisco’s Grand Carnaval Festival. She integrates into her work over a decade of practice in transformative modalities, including EFT, Marin-style NLP, Systemic Constellations, Four-Fold Way to name a few. Kellita’s mission is to support women in unifying body, mind, heart, spirit & soul, and in expressing the power, truth and beauty that is innate to each and every one.
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Contact Kellita Maloof: hotpinkfeathers@gmail.com
Contact Kristen Caven: info@generousmuse.org
NOTE: We are sorry we are unable to issue ticket refunds. If you can’t come or send a friend in your stead (let us know their names in advance please!), proceeds will be donated to our scholarship fund.