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Upcoming Events:

2/26 Being SEEN on Your Own Terms with Kellita Maloof of Showgirl Awakening.

Previous Events

2018 Events

1/7 The Fountain of YOU Keynote for The Bellevue Club’s Wellness Week
3/7 Convivium: “That’s All She Wrote” reading by the Writing Spa collective
4/18 Imagine: The EcoBellevue challenging The Bellevue Club to a Drawdown EcoChallenge
8/10 The Women movie night and discussion for the “Ladies of the Club” (gents too)
9/21 Community Reading of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the International Day of Peace

2017 Events

2/11 An Afternoon at Caffe Florian Venetian carnevale party & book launch for The Vesuvian Affair
5/5 Momedy Hour 
8/9 La Dolce Vita: Our first Kristen Caven’s Creative Convivium featuring Alexandra Alisé and Sara Klotz de Aguilar
10/15 The Zorgos Awards! A celebration of everyday heroes who are upshifting bullying dynamics in Oakland.

2016 Events

2/19 The Souls of Her Feet Shoe Salon at SoleSpace in Oakland!
5/22  Birds of Lake Merritt pool mural celebration, The Bellevue Club
7/23  To Build a Fire with The Heart of the Muse and California Writers Club at Joaquin Miller Park
8/21 Be Mused at Lake Merritt’s Pergola for the first annual Aluminous Flash Mob Play Contest

2015 Events

9/9  Book Launch party for The Souls of Her Feet paperback with Leah Vass
6/17  “Invoking the Muses” at the Octopus Literary Salon with Daniel Finnamore.
1/17  Premiere performance of Invocation with Daniel Finnamore at the OT Stage

2014 Events

4/26  Zumbathon 2014 at Oakland Tech

2013 Events

10/10  LitCake, a dessert-based open house for the California Writers Club.

2012 Events

5/19  Zumbathon at Oakland Tech with FitBody by Jackie

2011 Events

9/24 Hosted Writer’s Café at Mills Reunion

2010 Events

10/3 Writer’s Salon and Strike Exhibit reception speech at the Mills Reunion
10/24  Taught Ten Teens to Tango, Mother/Son dance class
5/4  20th Anniversary Celebration of the Mills Student Strike at Mills College Student Union.
3/14  A Perfectly Revolting Tea Party book launch at Mills College Alumnae House

2009 Events

3/1 “Couch Reading” of The Souls of Her Feet hosted by Leah Vass